My Vision

What I envision for this site and the future of the youth is to see the transformation from slapdash, lackadaisical men into classy, ambitious gentleman.

I envision the world being filled with men who dress to perfection while acting the part of a prestigious gentleman who surpasses all expectations.

My Story

As a High Schooler, I I started off with too much ambition and not enough direction, so I decided to to take action and make due with my hollow ambitions, little did I know how much just the way I dressed would change the way I lived. After experiencing how much joy living the life of a gentleman can bring a man, I could not keep the idea of sharing this feeling with other young men who share the same ambitions. Solution; Blog. There are too many young men today living their lives as if they don't make any impact, I'm tired of seeing sloppy trends become the new fad, it's time we bring back being classy in a way that benefits everybody. Just imagine a world where men of all ages would walk around looking dapper, being genuine, and always having the ambition to do things to the best of their ability. That's the kind of world I'd like to live in, and that's the type of world I think every man should strive to reach.

Meet the Maker

I'm an ambitious entrepreneur who loves living the life of a gentleman. I've changed my philosophies and morals from the social norms in order to continue my life in a fashionable and unique way.


Ladd Malone






Committing to being a gentleman

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