Starting Your Journey

Imagine a world where young men are wearing their routine hoodie with a tasteless pair of pants 5 out of 7 days of the week, shouldn't be too hard because that is the world we live in today. The goal of this blog is to steer the young men of today clear of this haphazard way of living and to grow them externally and internally to help prepare them for a more successful and classy way of living. So starting today I'd hope for you to join me and many others in leading the life you've always dreamt of.

The main focuses and topics that will be discussed that are shown on the home page will be Fashion, Mindset, and Travel; A broad many of pieces will be covering each of these important topics throughout the life of this blog. To go into a bit more detail, the fashion section will cover a broad spectrum of tips and advice to help grow your knowledge on dressing dapper, this will include subjects from knowing how to match certain colors, to deciding how formal to dress for a given occasion, to shopping on a budget, and to simply knowing how to tie a tie. It will be solely based on bettering your appearance to ensure you always get that double take. The mindset category will focus mainly on always having your goal in mind and manifesting that success every step of the way, because even with all the ambition in the world, without a direction, you can only be so successful. Fashion ties in with success very much, but when you dress with class, you should never be doing it for anyone other than yourself. Clothing is a way to convey yourself in the manner you'd like to be seen, that said, don't dress to get noticed, but rather to present yourself in the way you feel good in. And the third topic will be travel, the world is such a big place that it is impossible to cover the way every culture might perceive dressing up may be. That being said, experiencing new culture whether it be the other side of town or the other side of the world, is something everyone should do at some point in their life. This section will go more into depth than the rest about just how much culture influences fashion depending on where you are in the world, not to mention places where there are seasons (looking at you San Diego).

All in all, I'm hoping to bring together a great community of men who have the same aspirations as I do, to live a life full of class, success, and happiness with the power of dressing for success in their arsenal. There are much more pieces to come so make sure to keep updated to look as fresh as possible throughout the coming years, Cheers Gents!


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